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Tremendous Blessings!

29 Jun 2003

1. We have purchased the land adjoining the Timau Bible Baptist Church, which Muslims were trying to purchase for a Mosque and Islamic “education” center. This plot will now be used by the Timau church to expand their multifaceted ministry! We were very heartened by the rapid response to our appeal for funds to purchase this critical plot of land. May God bless all those who responded!

2. My swift recovery from surgery has been remarkable! Many people were praying, and God answered!!

3. The Maasai Youth Camp & Bible Institute construction has started! The walls of the first dormitory building are up! The Maasai believers are very excited to see their dream finally materializing.

PRAYER NEEDED! Funds are urgently needed for completing the first phase of the Maasai Youth Camp. A major camp meeting is scheduled for August. We desperately need to get the roof on the first dormitory building by then. I was compelled to give the contractor another $4,300 out of our personal savings just to keep the project moving forward.

May God reward all those who are willing to sacrifice time and energy in special prayer for this important need.

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Missionaries Sent Out

28 Mar 2003

Missionary sent to the Bush

After months of preparation, John Longisa and his family were formally sent out as missionaries from the Mt. Kenya Baptist Church to the wild bush country of West Laikipia District four weeks ago. MKBC members gave them a wonderful send-off, giving John a new bicycle, other household items and a large cash offering. The church is supporting the Longisa family monthly. It’s not enough to live on, but the Longisa family are confident in God’s provision. They found a small two-room house to rent in Rumuruti, the main town in that large expanse of bush country. It’s like an old “wild west” town, with constant insecurity. The second week in their new home, the Longisas were startled by bandits, who swept through the town, killing and robbing. Still, John and Lucy are radiantly happy to be in the place God where wants them to minister!

They have already started Sunday services, and are looking for a larger place for the new church to have more room to grow. They need lots of prayer as they look to the Lord for their daily protection, provision of their financial needs, and fruit in this new ministry in such a difficult place!

New Government trying to keep commitments

The newly elected President of Kenya seems to be making every effort to follow through on his campaign promise to end corruption. There are positive signs at every level of government! We continue praying for a “new Kenya,” which will rebound economically and be able to send out more missionaries around the world!

Timau Mosque situation update

Thank the Lord that there have been several good responses to our appeal to purchase the plot next to the Timau Bible Baptist Church which will prevent the establishment of a Mosque on this strategic ground, and also will enable the Timau Church to expand their vibrant ministry! We know these are difficult times economically, and most responders were able to “only” assure us of their prayers. But, “only” prayer is still the greatest weapon in our arsenal!! Thank God for all of these prayer warriors!!! Others have indicated their intention to send financial help. We have been so encouraged that we have moved forward and signed the purchase agreement!

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Call for Help

20 Feb 2003

Call for help from the Front Lines!

One of our strongest churches, the Timau Bible Baptist Church, is under attack from the forces of darkness. The church is strategically situated on the main road to the vast Northern Frontier region of Kenya, serving all the traffic going to Ethiopia and most of Somalia. Islam is very strong in this northern region, and is moving South rapidly.

Muslims with wealthy Arab connections have been negotiating for a choice 2 acre plot of land right next to the Timau Bible Baptist Church, on a hill which overlooks all of the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Their intent is to build a huge mosque which would dominate the skyline for miles, and to start Islamic brainwashing classes. Surely one can read between the lines and see what the long range implications are. Kenya has suffered four major terrorist attacks in as many years, not to mention numerous incidents which have not made international news. Kenya is bordered by two dangerous regimes which have openly declared their determination to force radical Islam upon the peoples of Kenya. The strategic high-ground plot at Timau would give them a major foothold affecting a large, influential region.

The owners of this property have offered first choice to the Timau church, but there is no way that this poor congregation can come up with $6,500 on such short notice. The church is very committed to missions as well as youth ministries and caring for orphans. It is a strong church with the largest percentage of faithful MEN of any of our churches! No doubt, this is why the evil one has targeted this particular church!

Actually, the ministry of the Timau Bible Baptist Church has been growing rapidly, and this strategic plot is genuinely needed for their ministry expansion. We know that God is in control and that He has a plan — but we also know that His heart is moved by the prayers of His people.

I’m praying that many who read these words will take time to pray, and, as the Spirit leads, send a donation for this strategic “Timau Plot Purchase”! I know God will bless them for it!!

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Thanksgiving Blessings

25 Nov 2001

Our hearts were filled with gratitude over the Thanksgiving season, as we reflected on recent blessings in Kenya:

  1. The terrorist threat in Kenya has diminished greatly as the Kenya government has taken a tough, no-nonsense stand. By deploying troops and police, and by arresting many suspected terrorists, the government seems to have diminished the momentum of vocal anti-American/anti-Christian elements. We know that many concerned friends around the world have been praying for peace and safety in East Africa and we are so grateful for their sacrificial prayers!
  2. The new church at Karimba is growing. The Bible Baptist Church in Timau has sent one of their men and his family to this village as missionaries, supporting them 100%. The new church is growing.
  3. The Timau Orphans project has been blessed recently as some special funds were given by two concerned men in the States, enabling the purchase of food, school uniforms, and financing the education of some of the orphans which the Timau church has lovingly taken in. Recent photos can be viewed here.
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