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Church Planting

26 Oct 2016


Church planting continues to expand so fast that it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening!! Right now there are at least FIVE major church planting outreaches initiated by our Mt. Kenya Fellowship of Churches. Here is a brief translated exerpt from one of our fine evangelists, John Longisa:

“This month we did evangelism with our team of preachers at Cheptamas, where 19 souls were saved, and 5 baptized on that Sunday. We did a small fund-raising on Saturday for a new church building. One poor Pokot lady made a generous contribution of a goat in this special offering – she had just gotten saved that same week! Praise God! Our team of preachers will be doing evangelism next month at another village called “Kait”, and then I will travel up into the Northern Frontier region, to Baragoi, for evangelism and fellowship with the brethren there.”





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19 Feb 2009

In November, two Kenyans pastors, led an evangelistic and “reconciliation” team to the troubled area of Baragoi, in the Northern Frontier of Kenya. One pastor/evangelist, John Longisa, is from the Turkana Tribe. The other, Stephen Lepakin, is a Maasai, which is the same broad ethnic group as Samburu. Turkana and Samburu tribesmen have been fighting in Baragoi District for a long time. Many have died, and tensions are very high. The town of Baragoi is divided sharply into Turkana and Samburu sections.

Our two faithful evangelists, one from each of these tribes, made their first trip to Baragoi last June. They saw many come to Christ and a small church was planted. They followed up with another trip in November, baptizing, and teaching, again, on reconciliation through God’s love.

John and Stephen have brought a light of hope to this troubled, remote area where many souls need to hear the message of Salvation. Pray for them as they travel this very rough road again in about two weeks. They want to meet with Government officials this time, and arrange a major meeting which will include tribal leaders, government leaders, and the general population of the whole area. Their aim is to preach reconciliation! Of course, as we know, the only permanent reconciliation begins in each person’s heart as he/she accepts God’s plan of reconciliation between sinners and a holy God!

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