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Witchdoctor Comes to Christ

29 Nov 2002

In the midst of many trials, such as famine and political unrest as the elections approach, God is proving that He is still working in marvelous ways!

A second generation “Laibon” (Maasai witchdoctor) was recently baptized in Dol Dol. The old, faithful pastor, Daniel Kalasinga requested the special prayers of all of our 30 churches in the Mt. Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship the week before the new convert was scheduled to be baptized. He was fearful that his father, also a traditional medicine man, would bring some opposition to his son’s conversion to Christ. But, praise the Lord, the young “Laibon” was baptized without a hitch!

The young man had been showing up at various church functions at Pastor Kalasinga’s church in Maasailand from time to time for several years. Originally, he tried to stir up opposition. But, over the past few months, the prayers of the people, and the love of the Lord touched his heart, and he started to listen to the Gospel message. One day, he asked Pastor Kalasinga to explain Salvation to him, and then accepted Jesus as his personal Savior! His baptism was another difficult step. But, God gave grace, and, finally, he submitted to this important act of submission and testimony.

We are now praying that his father will see the Light.

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