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Reaching Muslims

18 Apr 2002

There have been so many blessings in the work since the first of the year that we feel truly overwhelmed! Haven’t even had time to prepare our monthly letters!! Folks getting saved; new churches being planted; and a continued growth in spiritual level and leadership skills of our African believers!

A very special blessing was the salvation of a MUSLIM man to whom we have been witnessing for TWENTY YEARS! Several other Muslims are asking questions which show that they are definitely seeking the true God. God is moving, and we are so grateful for the privilege of being here in East Africa at this time of harvest!

Therefore, it’s not surprising that there would be attacks from the adversary: The roof of our house is starting to fall in! The foundation has shifted, our bedroom wall is cracking and the roof is starting to buckle. It’ll take about $4,000 to repair the foundation and reinforce the walls, etc. Well, this is a temporal thing which is not worthy to be compared to the many spiritual blessings we are seeing. The Lord will provide as He see fits. He’s promised to provide the basic necessities of life — Matthew 6:33.

We are so grateful for our faithful supporters which enable us to continue laboring for the Lord in this wonderful harvest field.

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