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It’s been a BUSY Summer!

23 Aug 2011

Sorry the updates have been few! I’m feeling my “geezer” age now, and it’s hard to keep up the pace. But God’s grace has been sufficient for Sherry and me, and we are thankful to Him, and for YOU and your faithful prayers and support!



July’s highlight was a fantastic team from El Paso. What a great group of people! They had the sweetest attitudes and never complained once about being worked to death! No kidding, I think we put too much on them this time — (most of the same folks came last year too).

They presented the Gospel in song, drama, preaching and personal evangelism in over a dozen schools, open air sites and during a sports evangelism tournament. Well over 100 souls came to Christ, as far as we were able to discern. The last school they visited was 90% Muslim, and there was no visible invitation given because of persecution of new believers. But judging from facial expressions I know that many of these students were impacted by the very clear presentation of the Gospel!

Thanks, Cielo Vista Team! And thanks to all who have prayed and given to make this trip, and other ministry fruit possible!

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Dol Dol’s 30th Anniversary!

09 Sep 2010
Pastor Boonstra

Pastor Boonstra confirmed as a "Maasai Elder"

Last Sunday was the milestone 30th Anniversary of our first Maasai Church, in Dol Dol. They have started 19 churches out of this original church. What a wonderful privilege to have my first Pastor, Carl Boonstra, as the honored guest! Accompanied by his two wonderful daughters! What a memorable day! Pastor Boonstra preached a challenging message which touched many hearts. About a dozen people came for salvation, and many more for rededication!

Pastor Boonstra was the honored guest when we dedicated the Dol Dol Baptist Church 30 years ago! None of could have foreseen the wonderful fruit which has come out of this ministry!

Pastor Kalasinga is now 62 years old, but his passion for evangelism and church planting is burning brighter than ever! This week he will lead a team 100 miles into the remote “Northern Frontier” to start planting a new church in a key town.

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Palmetto Avenue Baptist Church Visit

28 Aug 2002

Pastor Ron Williams and 8 men from the Palmetto Avenue Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida had quite an impact on our ministry in Central Kenya in a very short time this Summer.

They built a church building for a very poor congregation in a nearby village. The community was amazed to see how hard these men worked! They were real troupers, accepting hardships, and even eating African food! (Well, most of them, anyway 🙂

They also conducted Sports Clinics and other evangelistic meetings, as well as ministering in our Christian School, various churches, and the Timau Orphans Project.

They were a great encouragement everywhere they went! Souls were saved and believers were encouraged and challenged!

We are truly honored to part of the world-wide missionary team of this great church! May God bless these nine wonderful men, and the great church which they represented so well!

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Group from West Virginia

22 Aug 2001

What a fantastic two weeks we have just finished! Chuck Madaus, a former Kenya missionary who now pastors in West Virginia, brought a group of 27 people from his church. My head is still spinning with the flurry of activities!!! What a busy time! His people really were a tremendous blessing! They conducted teacher training workshops for over 100 Sunday School teachers from our fellowship of churches in the Mt. Kenya region. Three of the group were nurses, conducting medical clinics in two rural locations. You can’t imagine the crowds which thronged them. They dispensed suitcases of medicine! More than 1500 people were treated for medical ailments, which served as an opening for sharing the Gospel.

The team ministered to over 600 public high school students. They also worked on two building projects in the bush, in addition to passing out tracts and preaching in schools, orphanages and along the roads. At least 107 people were saved in the many places which the team ministered!

We capped it all off on the last day by taking them out to the Maasai area where they were adorned with traditional beadwork and had a nice goat feast. (Sadly, for me, there was no traditional sour milk because the drought has diminished their herds and dried up the few remaining cows. In fact, the Maasai are really suffering again, and already, they could use some famine relief assistance.)

The vehicle broke down on the way to Maasailand. Out in the wild bush country, Rex and Tim showed true “missionary” adeptness at patching the broken steering mechanism sufficiently for it to hobble back to town, while some of the more adventuresome hitched a ride in the back of a passing truck which took them to the meeting in Maasailand.

At dusk we had to make a final stop at the Naibor Church in the bush. The people had waited almost all day, and we couldn’t let them down, even though it was dark and everyone was dead tired. What a blessing as John Chirchir’s group of 30 children recited Bible verses for us under a kerosene lamp! After the service, they had to walk home through the wild African bush country.

What a day, and what a blessed two weeks! God is so good to allow us to be ministering here in this wonderful harvest field!

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