Dol Dol’s 30th Anniversary!

09 Sep 2010
Pastor Boonstra

Pastor Boonstra confirmed as a "Maasai Elder"

Last Sunday was the milestone 30th Anniversary of our first Maasai Church, in Dol Dol. They have started 19 churches out of this original church. What a wonderful privilege to have my first Pastor, Carl Boonstra, as the honored guest! Accompanied by his two wonderful daughters! What a memorable day! Pastor Boonstra preached a challenging message which touched many hearts. About a dozen people came for salvation, and many more for rededication!

Pastor Boonstra was the honored guest when we dedicated the Dol Dol Baptist Church 30 years ago! None of could have foreseen the wonderful fruit which has come out of this ministry!

Pastor Kalasinga is now 62 years old, but his passion for evangelism and church planting is burning brighter than ever! This week he will lead a team 100 miles into the remote “Northern Frontier” to start planting a new church in a key town.

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