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Mzee Kalasinga

15 May 2014

Last Thursday we were blessed to spend a day in the bush with faithful Pastor/Church Planter Daniel Kalasinga. He accepted Christ 34 years ago and immediately began ministering the Gospel of reconciliation to his own Maasai people first, and then beyond! His ministry has literally reached from Central Kenya as far as Tanzania, Uganda, and well into the great ‘Northern Frontier’ of Kenya.

Kalasinga & Mariamu

This photo was taken over TEN years ago – he was an “old man” then! (“Mzee” in Swahili means “old man” in an honorable way!) His faithful wife, Mariamu, has stayed by his side, encouraging him through many difficult times!

Because of their age, we helped them build a new home near their main church in the trading centre of “Dol Dol”. Our trip on Thursday was to mainly see their new home and have prayer of dedication.

Kalasinga’s New House

Of course, there were lots of children around! Daniel & Mariamu have fed many hungry children, in this drought prone area, out of their own meagre pantry for three decades!

Kalasinga’s Family

Some good old Maasai Buttermilk was a must! Justice Brown had to go through the initiation! He loved it!!!

Pastor Kalasinga insisted that we drive up through the forest about 2 hours to a spectacular view point. The view towards the North and East facing Ethiopia and Somalia was an unforgettable reminder of the “regions beyond” which are still to be reached with the Gospel!

It reminded me of Paul’s challenge to the rich Corinthian church (who thought they were suffering — but, in fact, were quite rich compared to other early Christians). He challenged them saying: “…having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you… to preach the gospel in the regions beyond you…” (2 Cor. 10:15-16)

Looking over the Northern Frontier

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Dol Dol’s 30th Anniversary!

09 Sep 2010
Pastor Boonstra

Pastor Boonstra confirmed as a "Maasai Elder"

Last Sunday was the milestone 30th Anniversary of our first Maasai Church, in Dol Dol. They have started 19 churches out of this original church. What a wonderful privilege to have my first Pastor, Carl Boonstra, as the honored guest! Accompanied by his two wonderful daughters! What a memorable day! Pastor Boonstra preached a challenging message which touched many hearts. About a dozen people came for salvation, and many more for rededication!

Pastor Boonstra was the honored guest when we dedicated the Dol Dol Baptist Church 30 years ago! None of could have foreseen the wonderful fruit which has come out of this ministry!

Pastor Kalasinga is now 62 years old, but his passion for evangelism and church planting is burning brighter than ever! This week he will lead a team 100 miles into the remote “Northern Frontier” to start planting a new church in a key town.

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13 Mar 2010
Wamba Flood

Wamba Flood

Wamba Flood

Wamba Flood

Wamba Flood

Wamba Flood

Three pastors who face daily struggles in their remote ministry areas recently conducted a fund-raiser among the Maasi congregation in Dol Dol. With some help from a Bible Study group in South Florida were able to obtain a sacrificial gift of eight sheep which they took to John Lekumpai, the pastor of a new church in the extremely remote and needy village of Wamba.

Over the weekend trip they had services at the little church in Wamba and also did public evangelism and house-to-house soul-winning. Eleven souls accepted Christ as Savior, and a struggling pastor and his “forgotten” flock near the end of the earth were encouraged!

After a long and crushing drought the El Niño rains have brought another set of difficulties and the trip to Wamba was held up for several hours waiting for the floods to subside. But overall the people are happy to see green again!

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Great Things in Maasailand

27 Sep 2002

Great things are happening in Maasailand. Pastor Daniel Kalasinga has been faithfully preaching the Gospel for 20 years, and we are now seeing the full fruit of this ministry. In fact that there are so many young Maasai men wanting to join our Bible Institute that we are now planning to open a branch in the town of Dol Dol (The focal point of commerce, education, and communication for one of extensive areas of Maasailand known as Mukogodo).

Maasai society is experiencing a radical shift away from the traditional warrior culture, and moving into the modern world. As Maasai youth embrace western education, technology, and ideas, we see a window of opportunity to fill their open hearts and minds with Biblical truth. The Maasai value system and world view is undergoing a mammoth change. Our Maasai Pastors have seen that this is the critical time to reach an entire generation for Christ!

This year’s Maasai Youth Camp went very well, although the number of campers was a slight disappointment. Only 150 youth attended this year – about half of last year’s attendance. We reckon the reason for the decrease was (1) The increased fee per camper. The Fellowship of churches and some individuals subsidized the camp’s costs heavily. But, the camp leaders felt that the campers should pay a nominal $1.30 each. However, for many, this was apparently prohibitive. (2) The current drought has caused many of these semi-nomadic peoples to move away from the permanent settlements in search of grazing for their animals.

But, God knows the beginning from the end, and perhaps the lower attendance was best for this year’s camp. Pastor Kalasinga, the senior pastor and keeper of the vision for our Mukogodo Maasai area, said that the spiritual impact on those who attended this year was much deeper! Over 60 made serious serious decisions of repentance and resolutions to go on to a higher level of devotion to the Lord. Perhaps the Lord knew that He could work more intimately in the hearts of these fewer youth, bringing them to a deeper walk with Him – which will pay even bigger dividends in years to come. Nine precious souls were also saved!

We’ve been given a choice 3 acre plot right in the heart of Dol Dol. The story of how God provided this land is a great miracle in itself!

Pastor Kalasinga, has instilled a vision in the younger pastors which gives me goose bumps! Their goal is to conduct THREE MONTHS of camps every year, so that during the School breaks the Maasai youth will be constantly under Bible teaching! The potential for future leaders in Kenya is unimaginable!! Jeremiah 33:3!!

God has given our Baptist Churches a window of opportunity to change the direction of an entire generation of young Maasai men and women in Central Kenya! Those who would like to be part of this pivotal moment in history are welcome to contribute to the “Maasai Youth Camp/Bible Institute Fund”. (See our Contact page for instructions). Surely God will reward this kind of concern to have a part in shaping a new emerging culture!

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