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25 Mar 2015

By God’s amazing grace, 2014 was another great year for the Mt. Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship of Churhes!

Salvations – 3,204
Baptisms – 882
Current Number of Active Churches – 80
Total average Sunday attendance – 7,790
Average attendance per congregation – 97
Total number in leadership training in our 5 Bible Institutes, and local church’s Institutes – 468

We know that much prayer and sacrificial giving has made this possible, and we don’t take it for granted!  Without prayerful intercession, these results surely would not have been possible (2 Thes. 3:1-2).  May God richly reward all who have invested prayer and finances!!

Some current prayer requests:

1. Violent Islamic extremism:  Always lurking in the shadows, complicating the outreach into the Northern regions.

2. Mt. Kenya Baptist School:  The crisis which began last year is still with us, but the situation is more hopeful.  Please continue praying!

3. Drought has hit several areas of our ministry.  The Long Rains normally come around Easter.  We are praying for adequate rains this year.  Rain failure would just add more suffering to already difficult living conditions for many of our believers.

4. Orphan and Children’s ministries: Planning to build a permanent orphanage building(s) where there are now temporary buildings.  Wisdom and provision needed!

Again, we are so, thankful for prayers!

In God’s amazing grace,


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Julius Korir

21 Jun 2009

Julius Korir

Julius Korir is an orphan who was raised by Pastor John Chirchir in the Tumaini Orphanage in the poverty-stricken village of Naibor. Julius is an adult now, and is one of our most productive evangelists.

Last Christmastime, around midnight, a band of cattle rustlers invaded the village and and attempted to steal the orphanage’s few cows. In trying to repel the rustlers, Julius was slashed in the face and lost his right eye.

Most young men would have been very bitter over such a tragic loss. However, Julius has had a very godly spirit throughout his recovery. His humble testimony of faith in God’s plan, and his forgiving spirit, has been a wonderful testimony to his community and to the churches in which he preaches. What a fine young man!

We took Julius to a mission eye hospital last week. They discovered that the retina in his good eye had also been damaged. The surgeon perfomed laser surgery to reattach the retina, and Julius’ vision is much better. Please pray for this fine young preacher! If you’d like to contribute something small to his eye treatments and installation of an artificial eye, that would be a welcome encouragement to Brother Julius, but in any case, please pray for God’s hand of protection upon this fine young evangelist.

Julius is just one of many fine young men which are emerging from the ministry of Pastor John Chirchir at Naibor. Please pray for Pastor John, also. He carries a heavy burden – but always has a smile on his face!

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Naibor Orphanage

20 Jun 2009

Over a dozen years ago, an African pastor and his family started taking orphans into their own home in the poverty stricken village of Mara Moja, Naibor.

They lived in a mud-walled hut, which they expanded to accommodate their growing family of orphans. They built other mud huts as needed to accommodate the growing need! These orphans might be poor, but they are the happiest kids you’d ever meet

As the “family” grew, some of the older orphans finished high school and are now serving the Lord in valuable roles. Two are ‘missionaries’ to the Northern Frontier region of Kenya. The daily Bible teaching and Christian fellowship which the orphanage family provides has provided a basis for effective discipleship of the next generation of Christian leaders!

God has provided a number of other concerned people who are partnering with the local African churches who are supporting this orphanage spiritually. The HALO Foundation in particular, has been such a blessing in providing food and other basic necessities, as well as educational assistance. Also, a number of individuals and churches have invested in this ministry at critical times!


The Cielo Vista Church in El Paso has provided funding for the recent relocation of the facilities from the mud huts to prefabricated semi-permanent facilities which was so badly needed!

We are so thankful for the young missionaries, Andrew and Abby Lettsome, who have done a fantastic job in getting the orphanage moved to a new site! You must take a moment to read their posts about this project! It will thrill your heart!

Building an Orphanage

Building an Orphanage, Part 2: the Details

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Thanksgiving Blessings

25 Nov 2001

Our hearts were filled with gratitude over the Thanksgiving season, as we reflected on recent blessings in Kenya:

  1. The terrorist threat in Kenya has diminished greatly as the Kenya government has taken a tough, no-nonsense stand. By deploying troops and police, and by arresting many suspected terrorists, the government seems to have diminished the momentum of vocal anti-American/anti-Christian elements. We know that many concerned friends around the world have been praying for peace and safety in East Africa and we are so grateful for their sacrificial prayers!
  2. The new church at Karimba is growing. The Bible Baptist Church in Timau has sent one of their men and his family to this village as missionaries, supporting them 100%. The new church is growing.
  3. The Timau Orphans project has been blessed recently as some special funds were given by two concerned men in the States, enabling the purchase of food, school uniforms, and financing the education of some of the orphans which the Timau church has lovingly taken in. Recent photos can be viewed here.
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