Thanksgiving Blessings

25 Nov 2001

Our hearts were filled with gratitude over the Thanksgiving season, as we reflected on recent blessings in Kenya:

  1. The terrorist threat in Kenya has diminished greatly as the Kenya government has taken a tough, no-nonsense stand. By deploying troops and police, and by arresting many suspected terrorists, the government seems to have diminished the momentum of vocal anti-American/anti-Christian elements. We know that many concerned friends around the world have been praying for peace and safety in East Africa and we are so grateful for their sacrificial prayers!
  2. The new church at Karimba is growing. The Bible Baptist Church in Timau has sent one of their men and his family to this village as missionaries, supporting them 100%. The new church is growing.
  3. The Timau Orphans project has been blessed recently as some special funds were given by two concerned men in the States, enabling the purchase of food, school uniforms, and financing the education of some of the orphans which the Timau church has lovingly taken in. Recent photos can be viewed here.
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