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Trip to Dar es Salaam

30 Jul 2002

We have just returned from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. God gave us a wonderful Bible Institute session with all of the advanced students from sister churches all over Tanzania. I was a bit nervous about my Swahili because the Tanzanian coast is where Swahili originated, and where it is spoken in it’s purest form. Well, God answered the prayers of many people who were praying for me back in Kenya and my Swahili rose to a new level! It was exciting to see the eager response of the Tanzanian students. God’s grace is marvelous!

Our hearts were touched by the great need in the sprawling city of Dar es Salaam. This key East African city is at a crossroads, and our missionaries down there are looking at what might be a brief window of opportunity to plant new churches in this stronghold of Islam! How exciting that our Kenyan churches in the Mt. Kenya region have just sent our first foreign missionary to this needy city! Joel and Pauline Muli had been on the field for just six weeks when I visited their simple, but happy home in Dar es Salaam. They were glowing with excitement over what God is already doing through them to reach Tanzanians with the Gospel. I was wonderfully surprised at how quickly they have made the adjustment from a quiet rural life in Kenya to the big city of Dar.

Back in Kenya, another fine African man with a wife and four children has just surrendered to leave our town church and go out into the wilderness of West Laikipia District as a Missionary. John Longisa and his wife, Lucy, both have good jobs in town. He is one of our fine deacons. But God has touched his heart for the neglected areas of Kenya, and he is willing to give up all the security of his city job and comfortable life in order to respond to God’s call. Whew! That kind of commitment is so rare!!

How wonderful it is to see our people maturing through the steps of discipleship, reaching that all-important step of full commitment to world missions! It gives me goose bumps! God is so good! And, we are so blessed to have such wonderful supporters back home which makes all these victories on the field possible!

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