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Susan Wambui

30 Nov 2008

We recently asked you to pray for one of our dear teachers — Susan Wambui — whom we have known since she was a young girl in 1980. For several years, she has been struggling with a form of Lupus. Poor thing! She went through so much agony with various manifestations of this disease, attacking her various organs. For 3 months, she was on dialysis, which was an expensive drain on her family and the church.

God had a purpose in all her suffering. For example, during her times in the hospital, she had an opportunity to witness to other patients, doctors, nurses and unsaved family members.

Well, Susan’s pain is finally over. She passed on to glory a few days ago. Her funeral service was a great success and Susan “spoke” while dead. The testimony and tributes given on her were enough to minister to the hearts of all those present. Different school kids were also present and even placed a wreath as a group on Susan’s grave. It was more of a hope giving and revival service than a funeral.

Thanks for your prayers and concern for Susan! Many of you have asked about Susan’s condition over this past year or so. Your personal concern was such a blessing to her, and all of us!

Susan's Children

Susan's Funeral - Colleagues

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