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40 Years

28 Jan 2014

40 years ago today we landed at the old Nairobi airport at 3am with three tired (but excited) young sons. So many memories… The cold air surprised us. But it was still a lot better than two days earlier when we flew out of Denver during a snow storm. We made it to London where there was uncertainty concerning our onward flight because of the OPEC oil embargo (which a few of you fellow geezers will remember). Fuel was scarce in London so our outward bound British Caledonian Viscount had to stop in Tunis to take on enough additional fuel to make to Nairobi. Tim was sleeping peacefully on the floor under a seat on the crowded plane. Ahh… Great Memories! I could go on and on.

The weird thing is that it does not seem all that long ago!

On the other hand, so much has changed in East Africa (and in our lives) during this four decades that it seems like three lifetimes ago! Kenya is not the same as it was in the “good old days”. Every generation says that of course. 🙂

But even though we have fond memories of “the way things used to be,” at the same time we see that this modern era in Kenya is just as exciting and hopeful — but just in different ways.

In any case we are happy to have been blessed to serve the Lord in East Africa for these 40 years and, by His grace, we look forward to many more productive years.

We’re so grateful for the prayers and support of so many which have made this possible!

In God’s amazing grace,

Jerry and Sherry Daniels

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