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Northern Frontier Outreach

17 May 2010

The Need!

From Mount Kenya North to Ethiopia is approximately 300 miles, and East to Somalia is 300 miles. 90,000 sq. miles of desert, semi-desert and mountain plateaus where an estimated 4 million souls eke out a living, surviving on herds, foraging and at the mercy of the drought and flood cycles, disease and banditry. Spiritually, less than 1% know Jesus as personal Savior, and the vast majority have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Moyale - Northern Frontier

The Call!

God has placed Mt. Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship, with approximately 60 local churches, at the Southern edge of the Northern Frontier region. We have spiritually mature men and women who are catching the vision and are surrendering to GO into this neglected area where most have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message!

The Foothold!

Isiolo is the gateway city to the vast Northern region.  By God’s grace, and through struggle with the forces of darkness, we established a small congregation of faithful believers, which continues to shine the light of the Gospel into this spiritually dark town.

The Next Step!

Moyale! Human logic would lead us to think of expanding to the next town to the North – but God is leading differently. He has recently led us all the way to the Northern border town of Moyale. For their safety sakes, I must withhold the names of the young couple who have been sent to this needy border area.  There is currently tribal and religious violence in that volatile area.  We are very proud of the courage and commitment of this young couple!  They are doing a marvelous work in the midst of danger and deprivation.  If you would like more information about them, please Email me at:  Thanks for your understanding about the need for security.  We need to protect this family and their small group of converts!  Please pray for them!

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Promising New Year

19 Jan 2003

As the old year came to an end, we saw some awesome movement of God’s hand here in East Africa! Just to mention a few of the recent blessings:

  • Kenya’s National Elections came off unexpectedly peacefully two weeks ago.
  • We’ve just sent out another fine African family as missionaries to the harsh interior bush region about 100 miles Northwest of Mt. Kenya.
  • Our African missionary in Tanzania (Joel Muli) has started a new church.
  • The work in the radical Muslim stronghold of Isiolo is progressing well.
  • We are beginning to see God’s hand moving in the Coastal ministry.
  • The Maasai Youth Camp/Bible Institute property has been secured and we are ready to build!

The new year promises to very exciting! But, with every opportunity, there are obstacles which only God can overcome. God’s heart is moved by prayer. Therefore, we plead with you to remember the following needs:

Maasai Youth Camp/Bible Institute building project.

  • Property for the Isiolo Project.
  • Expansion into the deep bush area of western Laikipia District.
  • Financial stability in Kenya — the exchange rate is FALLING after the elections turned out so well. That might be good for Kenya’s economy, BUT it means that our support may not go as far.
  • God’s continued blessing and guidance upon the Coast ministry.
  • Pockets of Famine which still remain North of Mt. Kenya. (A wonderful opportunity to reach people for Christ — IF resources are available.) Pray for rain and provision in the meanwhile.

We thank the Lord for all those who are praying around the world!

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