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Northern Frontier Outreach

17 May 2010

The Need!

From Mount Kenya North to Ethiopia is approximately 300 miles, and East to Somalia is 300 miles. 90,000 sq. miles of desert, semi-desert and mountain plateaus where an estimated 4 million souls eke out a living, surviving on herds, foraging and at the mercy of the drought and flood cycles, disease and banditry. Spiritually, less than 1% know Jesus as personal Savior, and the vast majority have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Moyale - Northern Frontier

The Call!

God has placed Mt. Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship, with approximately 60 local churches, at the Southern edge of the Northern Frontier region. We have spiritually mature men and women who are catching the vision and are surrendering to GO into this neglected area where most have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message!

The Foothold!

Isiolo is the gateway city to the vast Northern region.  By God’s grace, and through struggle with the forces of darkness, we established a small congregation of faithful believers, which continues to shine the light of the Gospel into this spiritually dark town.

The Next Step!

Moyale! Human logic would lead us to think of expanding to the next town to the North – but God is leading differently. He has recently led us all the way to the Northern border town of Moyale. For their safety sakes, I must withhold the names of the young couple who have been sent to this needy border area.  There is currently tribal and religious violence in that volatile area.  We are very proud of the courage and commitment of this young couple!  They are doing a marvelous work in the midst of danger and deprivation.  If you would like more information about them, please Email me at:  Thanks for your understanding about the need for security.  We need to protect this family and their small group of converts!  Please pray for them!

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Naibor Orphanage

20 Jun 2009

Over a dozen years ago, an African pastor and his family started taking orphans into their own home in the poverty stricken village of Mara Moja, Naibor.

They lived in a mud-walled hut, which they expanded to accommodate their growing family of orphans. They built other mud huts as needed to accommodate the growing need! These orphans might be poor, but they are the happiest kids you’d ever meet

As the “family” grew, some of the older orphans finished high school and are now serving the Lord in valuable roles. Two are ‘missionaries’ to the Northern Frontier region of Kenya. The daily Bible teaching and Christian fellowship which the orphanage family provides has provided a basis for effective discipleship of the next generation of Christian leaders!

God has provided a number of other concerned people who are partnering with the local African churches who are supporting this orphanage spiritually. The HALO Foundation in particular, has been such a blessing in providing food and other basic necessities, as well as educational assistance. Also, a number of individuals and churches have invested in this ministry at critical times!


The Cielo Vista Church in El Paso has provided funding for the recent relocation of the facilities from the mud huts to prefabricated semi-permanent facilities which was so badly needed!

We are so thankful for the young missionaries, Andrew and Abby Lettsome, who have done a fantastic job in getting the orphanage moved to a new site! You must take a moment to read their posts about this project! It will thrill your heart!

Building an Orphanage

Building an Orphanage, Part 2: the Details

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Maasai Youth Camp & Bible Institute

25 Jul 2003


Great things are happening in Maasailand. Pastor Daniel Kalasinga has been faithfully preaching the Gospel for 20 years, and we are now seeing the full fruit of this ministry. In fact that there are so many young Maasai men wanting to join our Bible Institute that we are now planning to open a branch in the town of Dol Dol (The focal point of commerce, education, and communication for one of extensive areas of Maasailand known as Mukogodo).

Maasai Warrior

Maasai society is experiencing a radical shift away from the traditional warrior culture, and moving into the modern world. As Maasai youth embrace western education, technology, and ideas, we see a window of opportunity to fill their open hearts and minds with Biblical truth. The Maasai value system and world view is undergoing a mammoth change. Our Maasai Pastors have seen that this is the critical time to reach an entire generation for Christ!

This year’s Maasai Youth Camp went very well, although the number of campers was a slight disappointment. Only 150 youth attended this year – about half of last year’s attendance. We reckon the reason for the decrease was (1) The increased fee per camper. The Fellowship of churches and some individuals subsidized the camp’s costs heavily. But, the camp leaders felt that the campers should pay a nominal $1.30 each. However, for many, this was apparently prohibitive. (2) The current drought has caused many of these semi-nomadic peoples to move away from the permanent settlements in search of grazing for their animals.



But, God knows the beginning from the end, and perhaps the lower attendance was best for this year’s camp. Pastor Kalasinga, the senior pastor and keeper of the vision for our Mukogodo Maasai area, said that the spiritual impact on those who attended this year was much deeper! Over 60 made serious serious decisions of repentance and resolutions to go on to a higher level of devotion to the Lord. Perhaps the Lord knew that He could work more intimately in the hearts of these fewer youth, bringing them to a deeper walk with Him – which will pay even bigger dividends in years to come. Nine precious souls were also saved!

We’ve been given a choice 3 acre plot right in the heart of Dol Dol. The story of how God provided this land is a great miracle in itself!


Pastor Kalasinga, has instilled a vision in the younger pastors which gives me goose bumps! Their goal is to conduct THREE MONTHS of camps every year, so that during the School breaks the Maasai youth will be constantly under Bible teaching! The potential for future leaders in Kenya is unimaginable!! Jeremiah 33:3!!

God has given our Baptist Churches a window of opportunity to change the direction of an entire generation of young Maasai men and women in Central Kenya! If you would like to part of this pivotal moment in history, we welcome your contributions to the “Maasai Youth Camp/Bible Institute Fund”. See our Contact Page for instructions. And, may God reward you richly!

Construction Underway:

Dorm Progress

Dorm Progress

Dorm Progress

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Longisa Family

25 Nov 2001

John Longisa was a dirt poor ranch hand in the wild bush country of West Laikipia District, a few hours West of Mt. Kenya. Ten years ago, John fractured his leg seriously and was rushed to the Nanyuki District Hospital. While recuperating in the hospital, one of our Church members was directed by the Holy Spirit to John’s bedside. John immediately recognized that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the answer to the gnawing spiritual need for God which he had been feeling. He accepted Christ right then on his sick bed.

Longisa Family

Longisa Family

After recovering, he returned to his job on the ranch. John was a baby Christian, so he begged us to come and preach to his people out in the bush. The response was good. A small congregation was established.

John was a natural leader, and he was hungry for Bible teaching. But, the logistics were just too difficult! So, we felt impressed by the Lord that we should bring John and his family to Nanyuki and enroll him in our Bible Institute, with the aim of going back to his people as a missionary when he finished the course. We employed him as a driver in our School ministry. Then, we employed his wife as a cook. Suddenly, they were making a very comfortable living in Nanyuki, and their children were attending our high quality school.

After John finished his Bible Institute course, he resisted the call which the Lord had originally placed upon his heart. The good income, job security, and high quality education for his children, caused him to find excuses why it was not the right time — or maybe even not God’s will at all — for him to return to his people as a missionary. But, the Lord was dealing with him, and he became increasingly uneasy and even irritable.

It was an agonizing decision, but John and his dear wife, Lucy, surrendered to leave our town church and go out into the wilderness of West Laikipia District as Missionaries. John was one of our fine deacons, and we actually hated to “lose” him. But, how could we say no when he was willing to give up all the security of his city job and comfortable life in order to respond to God’s call. That kind of commitment is so rare!!

John was ordained and sent out as a missionary last month (January 2003). The Nanyuki town church members gave them a wonderful send off, giving John a new bicycle, other household items and a large cash offering. The church is supporting the Longisa family monthly, but it’s not enough to live on. They found a small two-room house to rent in Rumuruti, the main town in that large expanse of bush country. It’s like an old “wild west” town — with constant insecurity. The second week in their new home, bandits swept through the town, killing and robbing. Still, John and Lucy are radiantly happy to be in the place God where wants them to minister!

They have already started Sunday services, and are looking for a larger place for the new church to have more room to grow. They need lots of prayer as they look to the Lord for their daily protection, provision of their financial needs, and fruit in this new ministry is such a difficult place!

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