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Blessings & Prayer Requests

27 Jun 2016

By God’s amazing grace, and with your faithful support, we’ve seen great blessings over the most recent 12 month period:

  • Salvations – 3,024
  • Baptisms – 649
  • 5 new churches planted (Current Number of Active Churches – 85)
  • 6 Bible Institutes, with total of 474 in leadership training (including local churches’ institutes)

We know that much prayer and sacrificial giving has made this possible, and we don’t take it for granted!

Prayer requests:

1. BIBLES needed for opportunities in public schools! We have been given exclusive spiritual oversight of two public schools out in remote area, and would have even more opportunities if we had more resources. Right now, we need at least 50 Bibles for each of the schools for which we provide Chaplains. Each Bible is about $7 — so that’s about $700 which is needed right now. We are so thankful that the Bible has not yet been banned in Kenyan schools, and in fact, there are constant requests from school principals for Bibles and other spiritual materials. Thanks for your prayers for these many opportunities to touch young lives with the Gospel!

2. Orphan and Children’s ministries: We’re hoping to build a permanent orphanage where we now have only temporary buildings. Wisdom and provision needed!

3. A young person (or older one!) willing to serve for two years as an orphanage coordinator for a very small stipend — but for many eternal rewards, and an opportunity to make a difference in many children’s lives!

Again, we are so, thankful for prayers!

In God’s amazing grace,


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Statistics for 2012

23 Feb 2013

In spite of many trials and attacks of our spiritual Enemy we are happy to report the statistics for 2012:

  • Salvations – 2,087
  • Baptisms – 632
  • Current Number of Active Churches – 71
  • Total average Sunday attendance – 4,506
  • Average attendance per congregation – 63
  • Total number in leadership training in our 5 Bible Institutes, and local church’s Institutes – 308

We know that much prayer and sacrificial giving has made this possible, and we don’t take it for granted! Without prayerful intercession, these results surely would not have been possible (2 Thes. 3:1-2). May God richly reward all who have invested prayer and finances!!

Some current prayer requests:

  1. Kenya’s elections – March 4th. Tension is rising – it’s complicated. Bottom line: there is potential for tragic violence, as there was five years ago, when Kenya came very close to melting down!
  2. Continuing spectre of Islamic extremism — always lurking in the shadows, complicating our outreach into the Northern regions. A missionary friend who works in a predominant Muslim area of Northeastern Kenya lost a church member who was martyred for his faith just last week.
  3. Sherry’s health.  We’re returning to the States again for more medical treatment. (Also, I’ve been told I need knee replacement, but I’m not wild about the idea – I’d appreciate your prayers for God’s clear direction in this!)

In God’s amazing grace,


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Spring Bible Institute Session

14 Jul 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

With so much happening in the past 3 months it’s been difficult to catch our breath long enough to send out prayer updates! That’s not an excuse. You all are worthy of more frequent communication about what your investments of prayer and finances are accomplishing in East Africa. Thanks for your patience and continuing commitment to the “Daniels in the Lion’s Den!”

Just one of the high points of the many blessings we’ve seen in April and May is a wonderful Bible Institute session with two guest teachers: Pastor Kevin Jackson and our dear friend Mzee (‘honored elder’) Embree Bolton. Pastor Kevin taught taught through the whole Bible in 16 hours – no kidding! It was a phenomenal series! Mzee Embree blessed us with practical lessons geared to Christian teachers, as well as preaching in several of our churches. It was an honor to have these two men minister to 95 students in the Bible Institute sessions as well as dozens of other ministry leaders, and some of our local churches!

Some quick prayer requests:

  1. Terrorism in Kenya is rising rapidly. Two churches were bombed last Sunday in Eastern Kenya by Islamic extremists. Please pray for the safety of our School and Church ministries, some of which are new ministries reaching into Muslim dominated areas.
  2. Our physical health. I (Jerry) am scheduled for eye surgery in a couple of weeks. (BTW, one reason for less frequent prayer letters in the past couple of years is because of vision problems — and we are prayerfully expecting this surgery to turn that around.)
  3. Protection upon our missionary partners, Abby and Andrew Lettsome. They are expecting their first child imminently. Nairobi has acceptable medical facilities, but we don’t want to be presumptuous. So, please pray for Abby and the coming baby!

May God bless you for your concern!!

In God’s grace,


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A Good Report

01 Apr 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the new year is gone! The pace of the ministry has been busier than at any time I can remember in these 38 years in Africa. Sherry and I are feeling our age for sure! But we are so grateful for God’s grace which continues to strengthen these aging bodies!

Looking back over 2011 we are absolutely amazed at God’s continued blessing upon “our” labors. “Our” includes Sherry and me, along with a wonderful young missionary family, Andrew and Abby Lettsome, and many, many other dear brothers and sisters who have sacrificed much in order to make these blessings possible! Here’s the final tally for 2011 in the ministries of the Mount Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship:

  • New Churches planted — 3 (bringing our total to 69 churches)
  • Salvation decisions (that we know about) — 1,730
  • Baptisms — 807
  • Total Average Attendance in the 69 churches — 5,556
  • Bible Institute training centers — 5
  • Total Students in Bible Institutes & Leadership Training — 275

We can’t imagine how this good report would have been possible without YOUR faithful prayers, encouragement and support! Truly, much fruit has been credited to your heavenly account!

On a personal note: We celebrate 50 years of married life together on the 14th! God has been gracious to us! We are thankful!

In God’s amazing grace!

Kenya, East Africa


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