Statistics for 2012

23 Feb 2013

In spite of many trials and attacks of our spiritual Enemy we are happy to report the statistics for 2012:

  • Salvations – 2,087
  • Baptisms – 632
  • Current Number of Active Churches – 71
  • Total average Sunday attendance – 4,506
  • Average attendance per congregation – 63
  • Total number in leadership training in our 5 Bible Institutes, and local church’s Institutes – 308

We know that much prayer and sacrificial giving has made this possible, and we don’t take it for granted! Without prayerful intercession, these results surely would not have been possible (2 Thes. 3:1-2). May God richly reward all who have invested prayer and finances!!

Some current prayer requests:

  1. Kenya’s elections – March 4th. Tension is rising – it’s complicated. Bottom line: there is potential for tragic violence, as there was five years ago, when Kenya came very close to melting down!
  2. Continuing spectre of Islamic extremism — always lurking in the shadows, complicating our outreach into the Northern regions. A missionary friend who works in a predominant Muslim area of Northeastern Kenya lost a church member who was martyred for his faith just last week.
  3. Sherry’s health.  We’re returning to the States again for more medical treatment. (Also, I’ve been told I need knee replacement, but I’m not wild about the idea – I’d appreciate your prayers for God’s clear direction in this!)

In God’s amazing grace,


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