Missionaries Sent Out

28 Mar 2003

Missionary sent to the Bush

After months of preparation, John Longisa and his family were formally sent out as missionaries from the Mt. Kenya Baptist Church to the wild bush country of West Laikipia District four weeks ago. MKBC members gave them a wonderful send-off, giving John a new bicycle, other household items and a large cash offering. The church is supporting the Longisa family monthly. It’s not enough to live on, but the Longisa family are confident in God’s provision. They found a small two-room house to rent in Rumuruti, the main town in that large expanse of bush country. It’s like an old “wild west” town, with constant insecurity. The second week in their new home, the Longisas were startled by bandits, who swept through the town, killing and robbing. Still, John and Lucy are radiantly happy to be in the place God where wants them to minister!

They have already started Sunday services, and are looking for a larger place for the new church to have more room to grow. They need lots of prayer as they look to the Lord for their daily protection, provision of their financial needs, and fruit in this new ministry in such a difficult place!

New Government trying to keep commitments

The newly elected President of Kenya seems to be making every effort to follow through on his campaign promise to end corruption. There are positive signs at every level of government! We continue praying for a “new Kenya,” which will rebound economically and be able to send out more missionaries around the world!

Timau Mosque situation update

Thank the Lord that there have been several good responses to our appeal to purchase the plot next to the Timau Bible Baptist Church which will prevent the establishment of a Mosque on this strategic ground, and also will enable the Timau Church to expand their vibrant ministry! We know these are difficult times economically, and most responders were able to “only” assure us of their prayers. But, “only” prayer is still the greatest weapon in our arsenal!! Thank God for all of these prayer warriors!!! Others have indicated their intention to send financial help. We have been so encouraged that we have moved forward and signed the purchase agreement!

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