Tremendous Blessings!

29 Jun 2003

1. We have purchased the land adjoining the Timau Bible Baptist Church, which Muslims were trying to purchase for a Mosque and Islamic “education” center. This plot will now be used by the Timau church to expand their multifaceted ministry! We were very heartened by the rapid response to our appeal for funds to purchase this critical plot of land. May God bless all those who responded!

2. My swift recovery from surgery has been remarkable! Many people were praying, and God answered!!

3. The Maasai Youth Camp & Bible Institute construction has started! The walls of the first dormitory building are up! The Maasai believers are very excited to see their dream finally materializing.

PRAYER NEEDED! Funds are urgently needed for completing the first phase of the Maasai Youth Camp. A major camp meeting is scheduled for August. We desperately need to get the roof on the first dormitory building by then. I was compelled to give the contractor another $4,300 out of our personal savings just to keep the project moving forward.

May God reward all those who are willing to sacrifice time and energy in special prayer for this important need.

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