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Timau Soccer Outreach

09 Oct 2014

The Timau Churches’ annual Soccer Tournament and Evangelistic outreach has finally concluded with great spiritual victory!  Because of a number of drawn matches, the series was extended several weeks, giving more opportunities to preach the Gospel.  Game crowdThe championship game looked more like a gospel crusade than a soccer match!  27 people gave their lives to Jesus, which brought the total to 63 for the series!  Pastor Stephen writes.. “when the winning team was celebrating their soccer victory, we were celebrating the spiritual victory.”  Thanks to all of you who prayed for this outreach!  As I told you before, some of our present-day church planters have been reached for Christ and entered our Bible Institute as a result of the sports evangelism programs in several of our Churches like Timau.

Another Church which uses this profitable tool is Crossroads Baptist Church in Rumuruti.  Pastor John Longisa has had a passion for reaching youth this way for many years.   WaterBy the way, John and his dear wife, Lucy, are up in the wild and inhospitable far-North of Kenya right now, preaching and surveying places which need the Gospel.  John and Lucy’s deep commitment is an inspiration to us!

Brother Andrew Lettsome is leading this expedition to the North, with the aim of facilitating new chuch plants in this isolated area.  Vehicle problems are one of the greatest challenges out there!  Andew finally got a servicable vehicle, and it is already showing the strain of just this one trip to that wild country!  Please pray for Andrew!

Thanks so much for your support during these difficult times!  We don’t take you for granted!sig

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To all of our praying friends

10 Jul 2013

Thanks so much for your prayers for my knee replacement surgery. After 3 months of recovery I’m happy to be getting around almost normally. It has been slower than I would have hoped, but thank God that there were have been no major complications! Also, Sherry will not need a cornea transplant at this time. She still has a couple of other health issues which we are working through, and would appreciate continued prayer for her.

Meanwhile, over in Kenya, God is blessing! An inspiring report from the remote Northern area of Kenya, where Peter and Rose Katonga are serving: Every Sunday about 100 adults and over 200 children gather under a tree for services in Natala Village near Laisamis. Ethic animosity is an ongoing problem in this area. Recently, a young ‘warrior’ was killed by another ‘warrior’ from a neighboring clan. Pastor Katonga was called to perform the funeral. Just as they finished the burial an armed raiding party decesended upon the scene. Pastor Katonga related the terrifying story in detail, but bottom line: God delivered them from harm! He quoted Psalm 23:4, which was literally fulfilled in his life that day. We have deep admiration for our courageous brethern, like Peter and Rose, who have been willing to leave their familiar homes and follow God’s calling into the wilderness with the Gospel message of reconciliation!

Similarly, Andrew & Abby Lettsome, our young missionary partners in the Mt. Kenya ministry, have left the comforts and safety of America focusing heavily on unreached area of Northern Kenya. They continue to show the wisdom and commitment of seasoned veterans! It’s hard to believe that they’ve only been on the field for two years! Right now they need a rugged 4WD vehicle for their ministry. The cost of even second-hand 4WDs in Kenya is staggering. We would be grateful for your prayers for this need.

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Jerry & Sherry Daniels

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Statistics for 2012

23 Feb 2013

In spite of many trials and attacks of our spiritual Enemy we are happy to report the statistics for 2012:

  • Salvations – 2,087
  • Baptisms – 632
  • Current Number of Active Churches – 71
  • Total average Sunday attendance – 4,506
  • Average attendance per congregation – 63
  • Total number in leadership training in our 5 Bible Institutes, and local church’s Institutes – 308

We know that much prayer and sacrificial giving has made this possible, and we don’t take it for granted! Without prayerful intercession, these results surely would not have been possible (2 Thes. 3:1-2). May God richly reward all who have invested prayer and finances!!

Some current prayer requests:

  1. Kenya’s elections – March 4th. Tension is rising – it’s complicated. Bottom line: there is potential for tragic violence, as there was five years ago, when Kenya came very close to melting down!
  2. Continuing spectre of Islamic extremism — always lurking in the shadows, complicating our outreach into the Northern regions. A missionary friend who works in a predominant Muslim area of Northeastern Kenya lost a church member who was martyred for his faith just last week.
  3. Sherry’s health.  We’re returning to the States again for more medical treatment. (Also, I’ve been told I need knee replacement, but I’m not wild about the idea – I’d appreciate your prayers for God’s clear direction in this!)

In God’s amazing grace,


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A Good Report

01 Apr 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the new year is gone! The pace of the ministry has been busier than at any time I can remember in these 38 years in Africa. Sherry and I are feeling our age for sure! But we are so grateful for God’s grace which continues to strengthen these aging bodies!

Looking back over 2011 we are absolutely amazed at God’s continued blessing upon “our” labors. “Our” includes Sherry and me, along with a wonderful young missionary family, Andrew and Abby Lettsome, and many, many other dear brothers and sisters who have sacrificed much in order to make these blessings possible! Here’s the final tally for 2011 in the ministries of the Mount Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship:

  • New Churches planted — 3 (bringing our total to 69 churches)
  • Salvation decisions (that we know about) — 1,730
  • Baptisms — 807
  • Total Average Attendance in the 69 churches — 5,556
  • Bible Institute training centers — 5
  • Total Students in Bible Institutes & Leadership Training — 275

We can’t imagine how this good report would have been possible without YOUR faithful prayers, encouragement and support! Truly, much fruit has been credited to your heavenly account!

On a personal note: We celebrate 50 years of married life together on the 14th! God has been gracious to us! We are thankful!

In God’s amazing grace!

Kenya, East Africa


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