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Mzee Kalasinga

15 May 2014

Last Thursday we were blessed to spend a day in the bush with faithful Pastor/Church Planter Daniel Kalasinga. He accepted Christ 34 years ago and immediately began ministering the Gospel of reconciliation to his own Maasai people first, and then beyond! His ministry has literally reached from Central Kenya as far as Tanzania, Uganda, and well into the great ‘Northern Frontier’ of Kenya.

Kalasinga & Mariamu

This photo was taken over TEN years ago – he was an “old man” then! (“Mzee” in Swahili means “old man” in an honorable way!) His faithful wife, Mariamu, has stayed by his side, encouraging him through many difficult times!

Because of their age, we helped them build a new home near their main church in the trading centre of “Dol Dol”. Our trip on Thursday was to mainly see their new home and have prayer of dedication.

Kalasinga’s New House

Of course, there were lots of children around! Daniel & Mariamu have fed many hungry children, in this drought prone area, out of their own meagre pantry for three decades!

Kalasinga’s Family

Some good old Maasai Buttermilk was a must! Justice Brown had to go through the initiation! He loved it!!!

Pastor Kalasinga insisted that we drive up through the forest about 2 hours to a spectacular view point. The view towards the North and East facing Ethiopia and Somalia was an unforgettable reminder of the “regions beyond” which are still to be reached with the Gospel!

It reminded me of Paul’s challenge to the rich Corinthian church (who thought they were suffering — but, in fact, were quite rich compared to other early Christians). He challenged them saying: “…having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you… to preach the gospel in the regions beyond you…” (2 Cor. 10:15-16)

Looking over the Northern Frontier

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40 Years

28 Jan 2014

40 years ago today we landed at the old Nairobi airport at 3am with three tired (but excited) young sons. So many memories… The cold air surprised us. But it was still a lot better than two days earlier when we flew out of Denver during a snow storm. We made it to London where there was uncertainty concerning our onward flight because of the OPEC oil embargo (which a few of you fellow geezers will remember). Fuel was scarce in London so our outward bound British Caledonian Viscount had to stop in Tunis to take on enough additional fuel to make to Nairobi. Tim was sleeping peacefully on the floor under a seat on the crowded plane. Ahh… Great Memories! I could go on and on.

The weird thing is that it does not seem all that long ago!

On the other hand, so much has changed in East Africa (and in our lives) during this four decades that it seems like three lifetimes ago! Kenya is not the same as it was in the “good old days”. Every generation says that of course. 🙂

But even though we have fond memories of “the way things used to be,” at the same time we see that this modern era in Kenya is just as exciting and hopeful — but just in different ways.

In any case we are happy to have been blessed to serve the Lord in East Africa for these 40 years and, by His grace, we look forward to many more productive years.

We’re so grateful for the prayers and support of so many which have made this possible!

In God’s amazing grace,

Jerry and Sherry Daniels

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November Update

29 Nov 2013

After several months of recovery from surgeries during which our activity level was slower than usual, Sherry and I got back into action! We participated a great Mission Conference in Orlando. What a WONDERFUL conference it was! Truly unbelievable how the people gave us the royal treatment! After months of feeling rather useless it was a huge encouragement!

But the night before the conference climax on Sunday Sherry slipped in the hotel bathroom and broke 2 ribs! (Didn’t know they were broken until the next Wednesday). I don’t know how she got through Sunday services and then a lunch meeting with another pastor on the way home. She’s a tough one! That Monday through Wednesday were intense days! We spent almost the whole night in the Emergency Room Monday night because Sherry’s pain was so bad, and she could hardly breathe. We finally got a definitive x-ray and diagnosis on Wednesday. The doctor showed us the broken ribs, gave her strong pain meds, and warned her to keep trying to breathe deeply to avoid pneumonia. But he assured us that she was stable, even though she felt otherwise!

Then on Thursday I LEFT her! Well… I left her with her brother and his wife and I took off for some previously booked ministry obligations. My heart was torn! But there wasn’t anything I could do for her except show sympathy and speak encouraging words — which her dear brother and his wife did so well (THANKS Ray & Sharyn!)

Two weeks of pretty intense visits to churches, meeting with pastors and committees, etc. were very successful! I thank God for His grace and strength!

Now I’m finally back with Sherry and am happy to report that she is doing significantly better. The doctor said that it would take 12 weeks to completely recover (gulp! That’s 3 months!), and that she would not really notice a lot of improvement for 8 weeks. Well the Lord has been merciful, and after 3 weeks she has noticed significant pain reduction! She still has pain just above the back surgery site of 2 years ago — and we have scheduled a followup appointment to get that checked out again. Otherwise, she is doing much better.

We had hoped to leave for Kenya already. But this injury has delayed us a few more weeks. Please pray for Sherry’s full recovery. I’m not sure if it’s theologically correct, but I do feel that God can answer prayers retroactively! 🙂

May God bless you for your concern!

In His amazing grace,
“The Daniels in the Lion’s Den” – Kenya

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Ministry Update

09 Oct 2013

Thanks so much for your prayers for our medical furlough time. Jerry’s new knees are doing very well. It’s great to be able to climb stairs again! Sherry’s back and hip pains are much better after cortisone injections.

We are so grateful for our faithful supporters who have continued praying and giving during this trying time.

Meanwhile, over in Kenya: There are many national trials, as our country tries to cope with increasing terrorism and thuggery. Please keep Kenya in your prayers. Ministry-wise: God continues to bless! One of our youth camps recently saw 30 youth saved and baptized, just to mention one example.

Also, under Andrew Lettsome’s tireless efforts, the newest center in the North is progressing forward. A water project and a new building for ministry at Laisamis will be valuable assets in winning the hearts of the community. Your prayers for the Lettsomes are much appreciated. Also, the African family who are working with this ministry on the ground, Peter and Rose Katonga, need much prayer and encouragement. The Katongas have moved to that area by faith. We admire them greatly.

With much gratitude,
Jerry and Sherry Daniels

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