Ministry Update

09 Oct 2013

Thanks so much for your prayers for our medical furlough time. Jerry’s new knees are doing very well. It’s great to be able to climb stairs again! Sherry’s back and hip pains are much better after cortisone injections.

We are so grateful for our faithful supporters who have continued praying and giving during this trying time.

Meanwhile, over in Kenya: There are many national trials, as our country tries to cope with increasing terrorism and thuggery. Please keep Kenya in your prayers. Ministry-wise: God continues to bless! One of our youth camps recently saw 30 youth saved and baptized, just to mention one example.

Also, under Andrew Lettsome’s tireless efforts, the newest center in the North is progressing forward. A water project and a new building for ministry at Laisamis will be valuable assets in winning the hearts of the community. Your prayers for the Lettsomes are much appreciated. Also, the African family who are working with this ministry on the ground, Peter and Rose Katonga, need much prayer and encouragement. The Katongas have moved to that area by faith. We admire them greatly.

With much gratitude,
Jerry and Sherry Daniels

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