November Update

29 Nov 2013

After several months of recovery from surgeries during which our activity level was slower than usual, Sherry and I got back into action! We participated a great Mission Conference in Orlando. What a WONDERFUL conference it was! Truly unbelievable how the people gave us the royal treatment! After months of feeling rather useless it was a huge encouragement!

But the night before the conference climax on Sunday Sherry slipped in the hotel bathroom and broke 2 ribs! (Didn’t know they were broken until the next Wednesday). I don’t know how she got through Sunday services and then a lunch meeting with another pastor on the way home. She’s a tough one! That Monday through Wednesday were intense days! We spent almost the whole night in the Emergency Room Monday night because Sherry’s pain was so bad, and she could hardly breathe. We finally got a definitive x-ray and diagnosis on Wednesday. The doctor showed us the broken ribs, gave her strong pain meds, and warned her to keep trying to breathe deeply to avoid pneumonia. But he assured us that she was stable, even though she felt otherwise!

Then on Thursday I LEFT her! Well… I left her with her brother and his wife and I took off for some previously booked ministry obligations. My heart was torn! But there wasn’t anything I could do for her except show sympathy and speak encouraging words — which her dear brother and his wife did so well (THANKS Ray & Sharyn!)

Two weeks of pretty intense visits to churches, meeting with pastors and committees, etc. were very successful! I thank God for His grace and strength!

Now I’m finally back with Sherry and am happy to report that she is doing significantly better. The doctor said that it would take 12 weeks to completely recover (gulp! That’s 3 months!), and that she would not really notice a lot of improvement for 8 weeks. Well the Lord has been merciful, and after 3 weeks she has noticed significant pain reduction! She still has pain just above the back surgery site of 2 years ago — and we have scheduled a followup appointment to get that checked out again. Otherwise, she is doing much better.

We had hoped to leave for Kenya already. But this injury has delayed us a few more weeks. Please pray for Sherry’s full recovery. I’m not sure if it’s theologically correct, but I do feel that God can answer prayers retroactively! 🙂

May God bless you for your concern!

In His amazing grace,
“The Daniels in the Lion’s Den” – Kenya

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