Famine Update

12 Apr 2001

Good rains have finally come to Kenya and the crisis is over. For those of you who contributed to the famine relief project over the past 8 months, only heaven will reveal the full extent of the lives which were touched and souls saved through your generosity! May God bless you richly for caring!!

Here’s one specific testimony from Pastor Stephen Ngunjiri. He sent this following report during the worst of the crisis. It is just ONE of MANY similar examples of the spiritual fruit, and the demonstration of the Love of Christ, which we witnessed during this crisis.

Pastor Ngunjiri wrote…

“The food was shared among 277 families from three local Churches – Timau Baptist Church, Ngenia Baptist Church and East Laikipia Baptist Church. Also, all the visitors and those who attend the above named Churches, and who are not Church members were included in the sharing of the food.

“As we had decided to give out the food on Sunday, after the service, more than 700 people had the opportunity to hear the good news of the food of life. Again we would like to say thank you very much and may Almighty God bless you for your generous contribution to the needy.”

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