Baptism @ Milimani Baptist Church

28 Feb 2000

Countless times over these 26 years in East Africa, I have gone out into the bush to preach and baptize at a Mission Station, Preaching Point, or to encourage an immature congregation. These trips are usually rigorous and uncomfortable, but it’s always been thrilling to see the spiritual fruit which comes out of such excursions.

However, it might even be more satisfying to see one of the young men whom we have raised up in the faith stepping into my shoes and going out on a similar mission. I was away on safari when Onesimus Kibera, Pastor of Mt. Kenya Baptist Church in Nanyuki, wrote me this letter with such spontaneous enthusiasm that I thought it might be an encouragement to you also. Here are some excerpts which I have translated from Swahili:

“This past Sunday was a day of great joy at Milimani Baptist Church where we baptized 40 people! Also, seven people were saved in the service!

“Even though I and my wife were very tired after walking for five hours (round trip) to visit this remote church, it was a great blessing to see these seven young adults receive Jesus Christ into their lives! One of the great needs of the Milimani church has been more young men to get saved, be faithful, and surrender for leadership in the church so that they can join our Bible Institute.

“I think that due to baptizing that many on Sunday my left arm and the left side of my back is really painful, and I am moving somewhat like a robot today!!! Number 40 was a huge lady who almost baptized me into the river! She was so afraid after I put her under, and she took me off my balance. I was struggling to gain mine and hers in the water while those watching laughed and laughed. It was quite a day!!!”

This was Pastor Kibera’s first time to baptize in a river. It can be very tricky! Anyway, I hope this testimony will be a blessing to all of you who have faithfully supported our ministry over the years. Your investments make fruit like this possible! Thanks! May God bless you all!

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