A Miracle!

15 Sep 2002

God has miraculously provided a 3 acre plot adjoining the Dol Dol Church for a Youth Center. The story is worth telling in detail:

A new District Commissioner had recently been assigned to Nanyuki (D.C.’s are very powerful government officers who answer directly to the President). One day, I felt impressed to make a courtesy call on the new D.C. I really didn’t have any particular agenda – just a get-acquainted courtesy call. Turns out that our new DC is a Maasai (but a MUSLIM!). During the conversation, he asked, “How can I help you?” I answered, “Nothing really. I just wanted to get to know you, and let you know what we are trying to do in this District to help people find peace with God.” He said, “There must be something specific which I can do.” (A MUSLIM, mind you!). I answered, “Well… we have applied for a plot in Dol Dol for a new Youth Center next to our Church there which I’m sure will eventually be approved by the County Council in due time.” The DC was picking up the phone before I even finished the sentence! “Get me the County Council Clerk!” (The top man at the Council). The line was BUSY! I sat in the DC’s office for 15 minutes making small talk while the queue of people waiting to see him grew geometrically. Finally, this busy man started getting impatient and was on the verge of giving up getting through to the Clerk to the Council, but decided to try one more time. The call went through! The Clerk said he couldn’t talk because the Speaker of the National Parliament had just walked into his office!

Sidebar: The Speaker happens to be an old-time acquaintance of ours, a Maasai from Dol Dol. Even though he is Catholic, he likes our Baptist churches, mainly because we never get involved in politics, but rather just preach the Bible.

Anyway, the DC, (a Muslim Maasai), said “Great! Let me talk to the Speaker.” (A Catholic Maasai). For 10 minutes they conversed in the Maasai language. I understood enough to realize that the DC was giving the Speaker of Parliament a hard-sell on our need for a plot for our Youth Center IMMEDIATELY! These two powerful men had the ability to cut through all the normal red-tape!

The DC put down the phone and told me that the final arrangements would be ready at the County Council office after lunch. At 2:00pm I was ushered into the Clerk’s chambers with great enthusiasm. The next day, I accompanied the Surveyor to Dol Dol to survey the plot . So, just overnight, we have a prime piece of land right in the heart of Dol Dol town – all through God’s miraculous work!

The Senior Maasai Pastor, Brother Kalasinga, has instilled a vision in the younger pastors which gives me goose bumps! Their goal is to conduct THREE MONTHS of camps every year, so that during the School breaks the Maasai youth will be constantly under Bible teaching! The potential for future leaders in Kenya is unimaginable!! Jeremiah 33:3!!

A final note to show how the hand of the Lord was directly involved: Remember, I said the County Council’s phone line was busy for about 15 minutes. I later found out that a junior officer had the phone line tied up chatting about personal business, until the moment when the Speaker of Parliament walked in! He quickly slammed the phone down, and at that very second, the DC’s final try went through. Had the DC gotten through 15 minutes earlier, his discussion with the Clerk would not have produced much more than a typical red tape run-around. God was in control that day! His timing is always perfect! Praise His Name!

God has given our Baptist Churches a window of opportunity to change the direction of an entire generation of young Maasai men and women in Central Kenya! If you would like to part of this pivotal moment in history, we welcome your contributions to the “Maasai Youth Camp Fund”. See our Contact page for instructions. And, may God reward you richly!

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