Clashes in Samburu District

25 Jul 2006

God is answering prayers concerning the clashes in Samburu District.

During the 4 months of violence between Pokot and Samburu tribesmen, the death toll reached 168. Many Samburu lost their herds, and many were displaced from their homes.

But relative peace has returned. The Kenyan government is conducting diplomacy aimed at reconciliation. We pray that this will lead to permanent peace and stability in the region.

The best news is that souls were saved during that tense time! Pastor Lepakin reports that his church alone experienced 47 professions of salvation. Our missionary partner in that remote area, Eric Bohman, recently held a baptism service and sent me the following encouraging message: “The place where I baptized was the very place a week ago they had a small battle and the Samburu killed a couple of Pokot! I thought it was kind of neat that a week later we baptized ten Samburu tribesman in the very spot! The Gospel does overcome!”

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