Busy Month!

24 Jan 2004

January has been a very busy month here in Kenya! Our new School year opened with many new students. We are praising the Lord for over 50 students who accepted Christ as their personal Savior during the first two weeks of school! God is good!!

I went out to the Maasai Region where we are building the new Youth Camp and Bible Institute. What a priceless tool this is going to be in reaching the next generation of Maasai for Christ! The believers out there are so excited. The Maasai culture is rapidly changing in these modern times. Many of the young people who were following traditions of their tribe just a few years ago, are now coming to Christ. Others are just coming into the modern world with all the trappings that involves. We are so thankful to have dedicated Pastors out in this remote region of Kenya who are concerned with reaching these young people for Christ and training them to follow Him.
Thirty new students just entered our Bible Institute, and we no longer have room to accommodate all of the students in our main B.I. facility. Therefore, the Maasai Camp complex is badly needed so that we can open a branch Institute to relieve the overcrowding. Many of our new Institute students come from our Maasai churches, so we can see God’s perfect timing in this project!

I also traveled out to another remote area where our newest missionary, John Longisa and his family are laboring. I visited with them in their home and was thrilled to see the joy of the Lord in their faces as they told about the work God is doing in their area. They have sacrificed such good jobs with good incomes in answering God’s to preach the Gospel in this remote area! They’ve already filled up the temporary church facility in Rumuruti trading centre! John also travels to several other Centers during the week, conducting prayer meetings and evangelism. He has been there less than a year and is already discipling a number of young men who are candidates for further studies in our Bible Institutes.

We desperately need financial help to continue with these two important new projects. Thank God for many praying friends of this ministry around the world!

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