19 Nov 2003

The new work in the remote area of West Laikipia District continues to grow. 30 people have been saved in the new church in Rumuruti Town, with 9 people baptised recently. We deeply admire John Longisa and his family, our missionaries in that difficult area. They left the comforts and security of good-paying jobs in Nanyuki to follow the Lord’s call to the bush country. God’s hand is upon John and Lucy. In addition to the town church which they have planted, John preaches in many other settlement areas, and has established several other mission congregations. John is a natural leader, commanding peoples’ respect. He has a dedicated group of young men whom he is discipling. Lucy’s health has been adversely affected by the move to that harsh climate.

Construction of the Youth Camp/Bible Institute in Maasailand has progressed well. The first dormitory is finished and the dining/assembly hall is almost finished. Our funds are finished too!!! So, we will have the wait for the Lord’s provision before continuing.

What a blessing this camp has already been to the Maasai youth! We know that it is going to make a huge impact on that whole area, with far-reaching effects beyond.

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