Fruit in the Drought

22 Oct 2002

Your special prayers for the drought situation in Central Kenya is bearing fruit!!!

We have sent out about $1,300 worth of famine relief food thus far. Our churches use this as an opportunity to share the love of Christ with the whole community. Thus far, I have received preliminary reports of 14 people accepting Christ as Savior. We do not pressure people to make decisions – but we ask that they listen to the Gospel before they receive the food.

I’m sure there will be much more spiritual fruit as the sincerity of the love of our people has time to penetrate the hearts of the unsaved in the various villages.

A special blessing: I discovered that the Kenya Government had 300 bags of maize in a warehouse, and was able to convince them to release it to us for distribution. So, for a mere $200 in fuel costs, we were able to get food to thousands of people, and get the Gospel message out – at Government expense! I haven’t received the reports from this distribution exercise yet – but I’m sure that there will be much spiritual fruit added to our heavenly accounts.

Thanks for caring!

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