Grandchild – Kevin Daniels

25 Apr 2001
Kevin & Amy

Kevin & Amy

Our tenth grandchild, little Kevin Michael Daniels, was born in Saudi Arabia three weeks ago. Sherry went in January to help our daughter-in-law, Mona, who was experiencing a very difficult pregnancy. But, praise the Lord, little Kevin was born healthy! Many of you were praying for this special ministry trip, and we are so grateful!

I joined Sherry and Tim’s family in the Kingdom for two weeks in March. In addition to enjoying the family, we also had chances to minister – not only to Tim’s family but also to a fellowship of believers. This little
fellowship even gave us a love offering which was such a blessing at time when we really needed special funds, not only to cover some of the trip expenses, but also for a couple of pressing projects here in Kenya. The Lord supplies in very unexpected ways sometimes!

Back in Kenya: So many good things have been happening so fast that I haven’t even had a chance to get this prayer letter written! We have started some new ministries and revived others which were sinking, and one particularly great blessing was the opportunity to teach a short seminar to group of pastors in Western Kenya.

Good rains have finally come to Kenya and the crisis is over. For those of you who contributed to the famine relief project over the past 8 months, only heaven will reveal the full extent of the lives which were touched and souls saved through your generosity! May God bless you richly for caring!

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