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Timau Orphans

24 Nov 2001

All over East Africa, there is a rapidly increasing number of orphans, due to disease (AIDS being the biggest problem) as well as tribal conflicts, banditry, etc.

One local church in central Kenya has decided to do something about this need! The Bible Baptist Church of Timau has gone out on a limb and committed themselves to caring for 9 orphans in their community. There are approximately 60 orphaned children in the immediate area which they would like to help, but the church’s resources are limited.

The Bible Baptist Church in Timau is doing what they can. Together with some help from two concerned donors in America, the Church has:

  1. Hired a part-time teacher to tutor some of the orphans who don’t have the opportunity to attend school.
  2. Bought uniforms and paid school fees for some orphans. (It costs approximately $250 per year to clothe and educate one child).
  3. Set up a feeding program for orphans who otherwise would be forced to scavenge in the streets. It costs about 50 Shillings per day (65 cents) to feed one child. This doesn’t sound like much, but it is a crushing burden to the Timau Church.

How can you help?

  1. Help feed an orphan. For $20, you could feed an orphan for a month!
  2. Pay School Fees and provide School Uniforms for an orphan. For $250, you could cover the entire cost for one orphan for a year!
  3. Contribute to the Orphanage Building Fund. It is the Church’s dream to build a small facility right next to the church. They have adequate land. There are Church members who are willing to minister in this Home as counselors, teachers, and helpers. What a wonderful outreach this ministry would be to the entire region, enabling the Timau Bible Baptist Church to share the Gospel with literally thousands of people who might not clearly hear the Gospel in any other way. During time of crisis, people are willing to listen to those who are showing love and concern!

Click here for information on how to send contributions to this or any other projects for which you might feel burdened.

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